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2017 items have now been archived.  The information is available at Documents/Previous Years’ Environment/2017.

April 19, 2018 Report by Fred Veldink

Hope for Lake Winnipeg.

  On Saturday April14, the Green Interest Group hosted a panel discussion on Lake Winnipeg at John Black Memorial Church in Winnipeg.

The SHPOA delegation consisted of Dave Curry, Wayne Harden, Pat Mushmanski and Fred Veldink. Also in attendance were: Bryan and Judy Bjerring, Larry and Faye Stafford, Dave and Verna Livingston and Doris Weigel.

A number of sailors from the Silver Harbour Sailing Club were also present.

Panelists were: 

The Hon. Terry Duguid, MP- Winnipeg South and the person in charge of the Lake Winnipeg file. He also moderated the event.

Dr. Alexis Kanu, Executive Director Lake Winnipeg Foundation.

Dr. Scott Higgins, Research Scientist International Institute for Sustainable Development, Experimental Lakes Area.

Dr. Eva Pip, Retired Biology Professor University of Winnipeg.


For the most part the panelists talked about the problems such as the blue green algae blooms, high phosphorus concentrations, zebra mussels and poor quality drinking water. 

Unfortunately not much was said about solutions. References were made to restoring wetlands, improved waste water treatment, a reduction in the amount of phosphorus in discharges and how to avoid the spread of zebra mussels.

However, specific solutions and actions that are needed now, were not covered in the presentations.


During the Question and Answer period the audience did ask questions about solutions and a couple of the suggestions are worth mentioning. Terry Duguid mentioned that the North Winnipeg Waste Water Treatment Plant is responsible for 5% of the phosphorus in Lake Winnipeg. To make sure that the upgrades to that plant are completed, it is important to:


The upcoming municipal election is a great opportunity to get commitments from local politicians.

Further to this: Residents of lakeside communities MUST insist that local - as well as Provincial and Federal politicians - take the issue of the health of Lake Winnipeg seriously.

After all: Politicians sit up and take notice when enough voters make their concerns known.

Also worth mentioning is the work done by the Lake Winnipeg Foundation. To learn more about their work you can visit the website or attend their Annual General Meeting which will be held at Fort Whyte Alive, 1961 McCreary Rd, Winnipeg on April 24 at 7 pm.

 In closing we wish to reiterate the importance of everybody's commitment and dedication to the health of Lake Winnipeg.

As individuals we can make a small contribution, be it in the form of maintaining and preserving shoreline vegetation or reducing the use of articles that contain phosphorus components. Together all these individual efforts will have a major positive effect on the health of our lake.

 SHPOA will keep you informed and up to date on the Health of Lake Winnipeg.



The SHPOA Environment Committee received an email about "pests" that were found in a recently delivered pile of firewood. The critters were discovered when the wood was being stacked. Our resident bee keeper and bee expert, Martin Stroud, identified the critters as bees.

He explained that bees can be found in piles of wood and that they pose no threat or danger. They should be left alone.

Under no circumstances should wasp sprays or other chemicals be used. 

Bees play a vital role in nature and we should make an effort to ensure that bees thrive in a healthy environment.

 The Gimli Environment Action Committee, GEAC, is hosting a workshop on Beginning Beekeeping at the Gimli Multipurpose Building at 17B North Colonization Road on Thursday April 26 at 7.00pm. For more info. please contact Audrey Swift or check their website.

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