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2014 items have now been archived.  The information is available at Documents/Previous Years’ Current Topics/2014.


  • ATV Operation Information, an email notice from the RM of Gimli

    From: MSCLERK
    Sent: ‎Wednesday‎, ‎September‎ ‎09‎, ‎2015 ‎1‎:‎59‎ ‎PM


    To All Property Owner Associations:


    Can you please forward the attached ATV Notice to your members.


    The RM of Gimli has received many complaints in respect to irresponsible ATV use this summer and appreciate your assistance in spreading the word before someone gets seriously hurt and/or more property is damaged.

    The Municipality is working with the RCMP and By-law Enforcement Officer to investigate those operating ATV/ORV’s in a reckless and illegal manner.


    Thank you for your cooperation!


    Kristin Strachan, CMMA

    Assistant CAO

    Rural Municipality of Gimli

    Phone: (204) 642-6657

    Fax: (204) 642-6660

  • Survey Sez........
    In 2014 the SHPOA committee tackled a number of projects.  On the 2015 membership renewal form, we conducted an informal survey asking members to rate their satisfaction with these projects.  The survey was divided into 6 categories  (ditch drainage, road repairs, signs, bulletin board, clean enviro presentations, social events)

    There were 38 replies to the survey and It should be noted that not all forms had comments on the 6 categories. For those that did reply the results are as follows: 

    • ditch draining;  61% approval rating
    • road repairs;  73% approval rating
    • signs; 80% approval rating
    • bulletin board; 84% approval rating
    • clean enviro presentation; 78% approval rating
    • social events; 80% approval rating

    There were some additional comments which ranged from some drainage issues to the wellness centre and to the beavers. Some of these issues will be discussed at a meeting with the RM as some of the projects are on going.


  •    Presidents Report…In 2015 the RM in consultation with the Silver Harbour Property Owners Association began a major effort to alleviate the drainage issues that have been neglected over the past many years. With new properties and the installation of new culverts, vegetation growth in the ditches and culverts, there has been a gradual buildup of barriers that have prevented natural water flow. Based on feedback from the general population through the Annual General Meeting, and a review and inspection of the issues submitted, a survey was conducted on the entire Silver Harbour area. The result was a dredging assault on the community ditches. The water flow has been improved. There are a few areas yet to be completed but it is hoped that we can address these remaining issues this year.

    The bulletin board with an area map has been installed and is ready for community use. We encourage all members of the community to post their notices and messages. An informal monitoring system will be in place to attempt to keep the bulletin board current.

    There are a few signage issues that will be addressed in the coming months.

    Wayne Harden, previously vice president, has moved to assume the Treasurer duties in the wake of the passing of Don Fast. We are currently looking for a volunteer to replace Wayne as vice president.

    Dave Curry  May, 2015        

  • Dog Owners Please Help ; on Earth Day, two of our members took it upon themselves to help clean up the area.  It seems that some people with four legged friends neglected to dispose of their doggie doo in a proper manner.  Jim and Diane Swaile picked up 42 little blue bags of poo along Einerson and Silver Creek.   We appreciate that you took the time to pick your doggie poo; we would really appreciate if you threw it in the garbage rather than in the bush. Please also remember that a leash is required on the roads and dogs are not allowed on the beach.  
    Help keep your Silver Harbour clean!

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