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Archived 2013 Intitiatives by SHPOA Executive

  • Placement of a sign at the entrance to Silver Harbour
    • The Silver Harbour Sign Project is Complete.
  • Development of an Association Website
    • The Silver Harbour Property Owners Association web site is Complete.

 David Curry and Fred Veldink

 On Friday October 18/13 our RM Councillor Peter Peiluck, RM Public Works Co-ordinator Tony, and myself conducted a tour of the areas of concern as raised by a number of Silver Harbour residents.

 At the 2013 AGM in July a number of points of concern were raised by community residents to which Peter indicated that if these issues could be summarized he would undertake a walk-about review of the areas.

        We received 8 emails outlining concerns or problems; the emails are as follows:

 1.    Isabel Leach  - 66 Thorvaldson

Issue – the cost of the repairs to the dyke to prevent erosion on her lake front property.

 RM: do understand what role the RM should play in this: the RM does not have any responsibility for maintenance of the dyke.

 2.    Bill Bracegirdle – 68 Old Arnes Place

Issue – culverts under Old Arnes Place need attention; there are two that do not flow properly.

Issue – the one way sign on end is not pointing in the right direction

Issue – roads are not graded with a crown; and packer unit is not used in our area.

RM: regarding the culverts this will be looked at in the spring of 2014.

The one way sign will be addressed; and is being fixed as of November 25/13

Regarding the grading of the Old Arnes Place roads – perhaps a smaller grader could resolve this problem – will follow-up with RM operators.

 3.    Bryan Bjerring – 30 Thorvaldson

Issue – drainage ditch on the east side of Thorvaldson Drive, especially between #34 and #22

 RM: the street needs to be surveyed, particularly the east side; this will be done in the spring of 2014.

4.    Ken Potter  -  18 Steffansson Rd.

Issue: drainage ditch between 21 and 25 Steffansson Rd be cleaned out so that the ditch in front of my property, 18 Steffansson Rd will drain properly in the spring and during heavy rainfalls.

 RM: the culvert on the west side does not appear to be working properly; this problem will be reviewed and surveyed in the spring of 2014.

5.    Donna Holdsworth – Steffansson Rd.

Issue – large pot hole on Colonization Rd near Phoenix Lumber

 RM: this problem has been solved

Note: there is another pothole on Colonization Rd about halfway between the #222 and the turn-off to Einarson. This should be addressed before it gets any bigger.

6.    Peter Mushmanski – 5 Brayden Drive

Issue - there is an excessive amount of sand removed for a six inch drain through our dike which results in an unsightly pile on the beach as well as the damage to the vegetation growing there.

Issue – ditch at our corner does not drain properly

RM: Tony will contact Johannessen and ask that the sand be spread evenly on the beach/dike area.

The drainage problem will be addressed in the spring of 2014.

 7.    Doris Weigel – 33 Nautilius Lane

Issues – there are a number of issues raised in this email from Doris, some of which do not apply to the RM. We will attempt to address the issues as they apply to a specific source of responsibility.

Issue – drainage from leeward side of the dikes is hampered

Issue – bull rushes on both sides of Colonization Road from marina to Nautilius Lane.

Issue – drainage along the public access to the beach

Issue – Drunken River (creek) on Colonization Rd in Arnes to Silver Harbour – road bed is sinking over culvert.

Issue – pot holes on Colonization

Issue – grass clippings should be mulched – not thrown onto the beach or dike areas

Issue – concern over the sewage and debris from the fish operation and its proper disposal

Issue – vandalization of signs at the dock area; also, the boat launching tariff sign is damaged

Issue – the use of quads on public roads, trails, etc – is there an enforcement policy regarding by-laws.


RM: on the drainage issues will review and advise

Road maintenance will be reviewed in the spring of 2014.

Regarding the signage at the dock area, this is not an RM responsibility but I will contact the Federal Fisheries (conservation) office in Gimli to address the issue.

The use of quads in the entire RM is fairly well defined; enforcement will not be forthcoming from the RM but it is the personal/parental responsibility of Silver Harbour residents and other resident of adjacent communities to obey the rules and to use common sense.

Residents should not be throwing their yard waste onto the dike or beach areas – this is either ignorance or laziness. There has to be some personal responsibility on some of these issues.

Bull Rushes are cut as a normal maintenance function  but the equipment cannot always reach the hard to get spots.

 8.    Frank Scholz – 6 Mariners Bay

Issue – plugged culvert at the corner of Mariners Bay and Colonization Road; has been plugged for the past two years. A number of calls have been made to Public Works with promises but no action. This plugged culvert will back the water all the way to Spinnaker Bay.

 RM: This issue will be addressed in the spring of 2014; the culvert is too high; a survey will be done; and needs to be dug out all the way to the creek.

 9.    It was noted that at the far end of Brayden Drive that the dike was not totally safe for ATV’s

 RM: the dike is not meant to be roadway for ATV’s; in other words do not drive your ATV on the dike. If one has an accident while driving an ATV on the dike it is not the RM’s responsibility.


1) Who is responsible for the removal of dead animals?
 A: On private property: the owner.
     Along  a provincial road: the Department of Highways.
     Along a municipal road or on municipal land: the RM of Gimli.
     On crown land: the Conservation Department; although in cases where the dead animal is far from homes, it is left to decompose.
     On the beach: According to the Department of Conservation the property owner is responsible. Conservation will assist with removal if it involves a large animal.
     Fisheries and Oceans does not assume responsibility for dead animals on the beach.
     On the dike: the RM of Gimli or Conservation.
2) The use of fertilizers.
A: Property owners who are close to the lake and or ditches and drains that flow into the lake should exercise caution when applying fertilizers as these can easily end up in the lake after heavy rains. Fertilizers that end up in the lake may accelerate the algae blooms that occur regularly in the summer.


 It has been suggested that the posts and the back of the sign be painted to make the structure look more attractive. Our art department has endorsed the idea so at some point in the spring we will assemble a paint party and proceed with some beautification.


 It has been suggested that Silver Harbour hold a community garage sale something similar to the community garage sales held in Aspen Park Lochwoods  Estates, etc. This can be looked at in the spring 2014.


This past summer, a number of Silver Harbour residents assisted the Arnes Cemetery management group to survey, document and tidy up the property.  As the project progressed, it became apparent that the ideal way to store and manage their documents would be online.  The cemetery operates as a charity and the cost of paying to store data would be an extra financial burden.  The SH Association already has this resource and has excess data storage space.  We have therefore allocated a small portion within our website space to them as a community service.
Please visit for information.

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