History of the Arnes Cemetery

The Arnes Cemetery sits in the present-day development of Silver Harbour, on land donated by Sigurdur Sigbjornsson. With the gift he stipulated that it was to be available to all; regardless of church affiliation, colour, or race. In 1880, Sigurdur settled on a homestead previously named "Arnes" by the original occupant Kristjon Sigurdson, whose wife and two daughters had died in the smallpox epidemic of 1876. These three people had already been buried within the site and thus were the first graves of the cemetery.

The descendents of Sigurdur and his wife Snjolaug Sigbjornsson continue to be a major part of those caring for the cemetery to the present day.

During the  latter part of the twentieth century, the area became more and more popular with people seeking recreation on the shores of Lake Winnipeg.  The nearby Arnes dock which had been built to support the active fishing industry on the lake was visited often by anglers fishing for sport, and was a refuge for boaters caught in foul weather. During the 1970's, some of the farming area was subdivided and lots sold to people wishing to build summer cottages and vacation properties. At this point the settlement surrounding the mouth of the river became known as Silver Harbour, and today, a number of families live in the area on a full-time basis and seasonal cottagers are often nearby. A thriving marina brings in many more seasonal boaters.

During 2013, many of the residents of Silver Harbour embarked on a community project to assist in the improvement of the cemetery. The entire property was surveyed , subdivided and documented with existing graves inventoried.  The records created are intended to allow for a more organized management of the site. The perimeter was also cleared of brush and trees and  the front fencing was extended to the remaining three sides. 

This website is one of the results of that project and  website hosting is extended by courtesy of the Silver Harbour Property Owners Association. [www.silverharbour.ca].

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